Five Constitutions, Five Writers

Transcriptions of the current constitutions of Burma (Myanmar), China, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the United States handwritten onto paper handmade in each country. The constitutions are from the native countries of Samuels’ immediate neighbors on Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh.

Hand-transcribed over the Constitutions is text from the literary writings of Samuels’ neighbors, three of whom are living on Sampsonia Way in exile from their native countries because of their writing.  Their texts are transcribed outside of the map borders of their native countries where their work cannot be published.

Title: Five Constitutions, Five Writers

Size: Burma (Myanmar) 22” x 47”, China 41” x 9”, Guatemala 23-1/2” x 31-1/2”, El Salvador 36” x 19-1/2”, the United States 8” x 21” (all w x h)
Materials: Ink on paper handmade in five countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, China, Burma, United States)
Date: 2011 – 2014
Photographed by: Thomas Little

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