Five Neighbors, Five Constitutions (Excerpts)

Excerpts of the current constitutions of Burma (Myanmar), China, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the United States handwritten onto paper handmade in each country. The constitutions are from the native countries of Samuels’ immediate neighbors on Sampsonia Way. Samuels is co-founder of City of Asylum which provides sanctuary to writers in exile.

On the border surrounding the poem “Sky”, by Chenjerai Hove (Zimbabwe), Blind Moon, Weaver Press, Harare, 2003.  The poem begins: “I am here / under the same sky / as you…”

Title: Five Neighbors, Five Constitutions (Excerpts)

Size: 55″ x 37″ (w x h)
Materials: Ink on paper handmade in Guatemala, El Salvador, China, Burma, United States
Date: 2011 – 2014
Photographed by: Thomas Little

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